Virtual Reality 101

Product Design

A repository of everything you need to know about what Virtual Reality is and how it will affect your life in the near future. Products, their eviews and relevant news in one easy to find location.

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Page elements

Clearly defined sections for each available product in the category, accompanied by links out to the reviews, relevant news and how-to's for each. A section dedicated to use cases for virtual reality in the real world today to outline all the current and possible future uses.

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Product design is a very broad concept. Essentially, it means the creation of efficient and useable designs that facilitate the end user's intent of becoming more well informed, while simultaneously serving our advertisers needs.

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As the lead UI/UX designer on the news portion of the product I am responsible for everything news related. The door, the article templates, the video and the galleries. You can see my handywork all across CNET News.

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My name is Mark Hobbs and I believe that excellent design is the invisible, and many times overlooked, aspect of every great thing. I want people to be moved by my designs, whether it is moved to use it, read it - OR - even emotionally moved by it. I deeply believe in design and not just as a service provider, but as a partner in the overall business and development of the final product. It is critical to the success of any real thing that you have a team based on respect and one that values each other.