Imaging USA

Marketing & Promotion

Imaging USA is the first major photographic convention & expo of the year, and put on by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), which is a nonprofit association for professional photographers. This campaign was to promote membership by offering attendance to the convention & expo by becoming a member — the Join & Go campaign. It started with a two-page spread in Professional Photographer magazine below.

Direct Mail Poster

The largest and most impactful piece of the campaign was the direct mail brochure. It was a standard mail size that opened up to a number of steps to success. It was how to "fnd your way with PPA." The full opened size was a poster that mimicked a mall's "you are here" map, to show you the way to finding success.

Party Promotion

Another big draw for the members and convention attendees was the parties hosted by PPA. With the ads being placed in Professional Photographer Magazine, making them stand out was amongst the imagery was the main goal. A strictly minimal and flat style was utilized to help get the word out.

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