Visual branding and Advertising

Visual Design

Creating a visual identity is a pivotal step in ensuring the easy recognition for your brand or package. From a preschool to a health-oriented travel agency to CNET editorial packages — each tries to take complex ideas and dsitill them into simplicity through the use of easily understandable visuals.

PPA Membership Advertising

Promoting membership benefits in PPA was vital, considering they are a member-owned organization. The benefits included photographic competitions as well as education through PPAedu (PPA Education). Promoting these benefits in a magazine full of high-quality images was accomplished by going with a minimal and flat design. The benefits of membership were also best relayed by those who have first-hand experienced the value of membership — The Many Faces of PPA campaign.

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My name is Mark Hobbs and I believe that excellent design is the invisible, and many times overlooked, aspect of every great thing. I want people to be moved by my designs, whether it is moved to use it, read it - OR - even emotionally moved by it. I deeply believe in design and not just as a service provider, but as a partner in the overall business and development of the final product. It is critical to the success of any real thing that you have a team based on respect and one that values each other.