Marvel vs DC

Editorial Design
May 2016

An editorial design piece that looks at both comic book franchises and their cinematic universes to see who does it right. It is a detailed comparison of how the respective comic book franchises are projected onto the big screen. The visual solution we decided to go with was tying the classic comic book feel into the modern movies.

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Comic Book infuence

Classic styled comic book panels served as the inspiration for the large visual treatments. Rather than use run-of-the-mill studio provided imagery, we decided to tie them into the comic book world by converting them into panels that utilized multiple characters from both brands.

Future Instalments

To help illustrate the vast amount planning that goes into the Marvel Cinematic Universe specifically — we created a timeline. The timeline itself illustrates the movies that have already come out as well as those that will come out in the future. How far in advance they have been planned was crucial to show the thought process of the studio when making the movies.

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Editorial design is making a newfound home on the web. Knowing that we ahve amde an effort ot be at the forefront of experimentation and publishing. Utilizing a third-party tool we are bale to create on-off designs specific to the story being told. A few more examples below as well as the full-suite of content can be found at

Mind Craft

The video game that builds brain cells. Microsoft's popular video game Minecraft helps kids learn everything from programming, science and math to art, languages and history. THis looks at the worldwide phenomenom and how teachers are using it in their classrooms.

Oculus Rift

Virtual reality begins here, and is told by a unique two-sided perspective. A dreamer who sees the full potential and a realist who is slowly creeping up on the dreamer bringing reality back into the fold.

Aston Martin DB11

The last-gen model was made for Bond, but now the DB11 is here and we got a drive in a prototype. Project utilizes a "scrollable gif" that revelas the inside of the car and is attached to your scrolling behavior.

Olivia Munn Q&A

Olivia Munn, who plays a badass mutant with serious martial-arts skills in the upcoming “X-Men: Apocalypse,” says there’s no need to label someone a nerd or geek because tech is everywhere. One of the many CNET magazine cover talent Q&A's produced quarterly.

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